aaaHH,,take deep breathing,slowly in and out. Posted by Hello


Zoya,aap sab key leye!!!

A very nice education adventure site for kids.


Zoya,Have a look here too.

BBC's learning pages,where you can learn alot of things.


Remote Assistance

Zoya Gogal&Breshna,may be some time you will get some problem using your computer with windows XP.In that case,you can ask for online help by using your windows messenger,here,by clicking this link,you can get all information,how you use the "Remote Assistance"feature in windows XP and in windows messenger.


Windows XP Basics

Zoya,this will tell you almost all important basics while using windows XP,very useful informations,and guidance to computing with your OS(operating system i.e windows XP).Give it full time to understand and then practice it.


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Best Free Help Sites

Best Free Help Sites

Free Touch Typing Program

Free Touch Typing Program

Aap kay leye eik awar safha

da izdakre ao da lobo yawa bala safha.

Windows XP

Zoya,kala na kala dey site tha pa click bandi werzai,che da windows XP pa bara key toole problamoona thee izda kaey.
Sthaso da kamyab zowand da para laas pa dowa yam.


Zarak,,,zoya! Breshna ao gogal tha waya che dertha pa computer gamoona okhaye. Posted by Hello

Gogal,,,zoya da computer chal kha ezda ka. Posted by Hello

Breshna,,zoya i love you Posted by Hello


Hope,you all will be ok.Here i will try to show you some interesting site,where you all can learn,how to be safe at your computer and on internet.
First of all ,ofcourse,you all would like to have some fun with the help of some "kids sites".
when you put your cursor on the link below it will become bright and then click on it,which will lead you to the site,there you read and try to play with the different subjects (in the same way,by cursor and clicking).Ok,here is a few,
1) http://www.kids-space.org/



The number 3 will give you some interesting lessons on computer and internet especially for children and you can learn alot from there.
Ok,Breshna,Gogal and Zarak ,i hope you will enjoy this.

Da allah pa aman and love from your papa.


Lets Wish,Lets Pray

Lets Wish,Lets Pray,
Happiness,Smiling and Laughing
A candle of joy on a round table
A pray of Thanks,hands in hands
A wish of fulfilment,heart to heart
For all those,missed their love one.

Lets Wish, Lets Pray
Buds to be Flowers
Dark nights to be Bright days
Tears to be Smile.

But my Child,why one day!

Lets observe and Lets absorbe
The Reality of Life
The Terrifying music
The unwanted Events

But my Child,why for one moment!

Can we Separate
Can we Isolate
The Spring from The Autumn
The day from The night
The Smile from The Tears
The Pain from The Joy

Lets Live Life
Has to be,Must to be,
There is no other way.
O,my Child,
Lets Smile
Lets Wish
Lets Pray.

For the Ideal Days
Without Wars
Without Hunger
Without Selfishness
Not in Books
Not in Stories
Not in Movies
Not in Dreams
But in Real Life,
Lets Wish,Lets Pray.